Peter Abilla

Peter Abilla has been a marketing and growth leader for several leading blockchain projects including Oasis, ThunderCore and Mainframe. Previously he held leadership roles in operations at eBay and Amazon. He previously founded an online tutoring marketplace which he grew to over 120,000 tutors before selling it to the largest tutoring company in the world. He has been quoted by Clayton Christensen on innovation and O’Reilly Media on consumer experience and his work on queueing theory has been used at the world's leading business schools such as Harvard Business School and University of Virginia's Darden School of Business.

Peter holds a Master’s in operations research from The University of Chicago and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Mathematics from Brigham Young University. He's a practicing stoic and even named his youngest son Aurelius. Not a day goes by that Peter does not envy his son's name.

Upcoming Plans

  • Monthly Deliverables: 2021 Oct
    • Community:
      • Helped Wolf organize, structure, and plan more community engagement events via this planning doc.
      • Hire and onboard ___ and finalize goals with him
      • Hire and onboard Abhi, establish goals for digital marketing, content
    • Partnerships:
      • chainlink on mainnet, including promotion plan
      • plan go-to-market for BTC Bridge including launch partner.
      • build relationship with DeFi Kingdoms (having lunch with founder week of Oct 25). plan potential ways to help them grow
      • Tranquil Finance - help with go-to-market
    • Developer Marketing:
      • Sponsor Chainlink Hackathon
      • Plan geo-focused developer marketing
  • Quarterly Milestones: 2021 Q4
    • Community: Help plan and strategize Harmony Ambassador program, local in-person meetups, and content/training material for meetups.
    • Partnerships:
      • Establish VC partners ready to hear pitches from projects building on Harmony
      • Work with OKCoin on listing and co-marketing opportunities
    • Developer Marketing: Assist Sam on the hackathon developer DAOs. Define strategy for to grow developer pipeline with a Geo angle
  • Yearly Planning: 2022 Q1 - Q3
    • Community: Steady cadence of in-person meetups in top 100 cities
    • Partnerships: Sponsor Yield Guild/Axie conference in Cebu City Philippines
    • Developer Marketing: Execute on geo-strategy in partnership with Ambassador program

Achievements in 2021 Q2-Q3

  • Hackathons:
    • Successfully planned and executed the TradFi to DeFi Hackathon.
      • 1764 registrants > 104 submissions > 36 Qualified > 23 winners
      • 35 fireside chats, talks, panels, workshops
      • 27 videos, 50 speakers, 14 hours of content
    • Planned and successfully completed ONE Love, Round Two:
      • 13 out of 26 bounties completed.
    • Hackmoney sponsorship
    • Encode Hackathon
  • Public Relations:
    • Sourced and secured coverage of /300 from The Defiant and Coindesk
    • Secured interview between TastyTrade and Stephen
    • Stephen interviewed by Charlie Shrem, Scott Melker
    • Speaking spot at Chainlink Smartcon for Stephen
    • MarketAcross Content Distribution
  • Partnerships:
    • Sushi - negotiated, launched, managed
    • DappRadar
    • Tenderly Developer Tools
    • Stephen Tse advisory board at University of Wyoming
    • Made key introductions and began conversations with Unslashed Finance, Tally (for DAO governance), The Graph, Frax, Yearn, Bancor, Terra, Dinoswap, Paraswap, Kyber, Lambda School, growing our business development pipeline with top-tier projects.
  • Content:

Oct 24 - Oct 31

  • Lunch with Frisky Fox from DeFi Kingdoms. Discussed how Harmony can help them get to $1B TVL and 1M DAUs.
  • Met with Unslashed Finance and discussed integration plans and next steps.
  • Met with David Steinrueck at Chainlink to plan the go-to-market promotion for the mainnet launch.
  • Met with the Olympus Treasury team to discuss our decentralized BTC bridge and how 1BTC could be an option for their treasury.
  • Worked with DappRadar to publish a blog post spotlight for DefiKingdom.
  • Worked with Abhi to do an audit of our mailchimp signup flow. He is now making improvements.
  • Collaborated with Tranquil Finance on their go-to-market for their lending platform.
  • Worked with Giv and Ganesha on the BTC Bridge go-to-market
  • Started discussions with Plaid for a fiat on-ramp collaboration.

Nov 1 - Nov 7

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Nov 8 - Nov 14

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Nov 15 - Nov 21

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Nov 22 - Nov 28

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Nov 29 - Dec 5

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