Jack Chan

Jack Chan recently led teams to build scalable web apps on the cloud.  He worked at large enterprises such as Adobe, Apple, Shutterfly and Amazon and ground-level tech startups. Jack dabbled with mining Ethereum before switching his focus to Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks, which evolved into co-founding a validator service across multiple networks, now responsible for a sizable staking delegation.

Jack is a Computer Engineering graduate from Illinois Tech, with an MBA from San Jose State University. In his free time, he enjoys improving his golf game, playing pickup basketball and a good walk.

Upcoming Plans

  • Monthly Deliverables: 2021 Oct
  • Quarterly Milestones: 2021 Q4
    • Developer Advocacy — develop a full end-to-end solution for inbound fund proposal submissions, vetting process, decision models, compliance framework, and funnel into Incubator DAO; attend Miami NFT conference
    • Wallets — to coordinate the development of a secure frictionless 1Wallet experience; work with an external partner to integrate Wallet Connect; research FIDO-enabled security integration such as Nok Nok; work with Ledger team to support ONE on Nano X
    • Decentralized Ops — construct two teams focusing on solving bounties around Infrastructure and Protocol development
    • Decentralized Infra — to migrate our RPC network to at least 2 communities, targeting 50% (100M txns/day) traffic out of Harmony's infrastructure; to introduce a set of indexed endpoints to help our community build a highly responsive analytic solutions
  • Yearly Planning: 2022 Q1 - Q3
    • Developer Advocacy — Streamline fund proposals to a 1-week decision cycle; partner with Incubator DAO with 25 grantees and 10 hackathon teams; partner with 3 quality projects to build solutions drawing in 100K users or $100M in liquidity; attend 10 events such as EthDenver, EthCC, SF Blockchain Week, etc.
    • Bridges — to foster a two-pizza Protocol team to solve bounties to build bridges across 3 chains, such as Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polkadot and Cosmos
    • Wallets — coordinate with our partner to rollout 1Wallet to Harmony's community; coordinate development of a mobile app as a set of bounties. Coordinate bounties to integrate with 3 other wallets, such as Trezor, Keepkey, Portis and Coinbase Wallet.
    • Decentralized Ops — to foster a two-pizza Ops team to support our ecosystem growth with a stable and resilient cloud infrastructure with a minimal multi-Cloud footprint
    • Decentralized Infra — to sufficiently decentralize our RPC and Graph service to 2 or more independent communities of node runners to run a better service than [*].harmony.one endpoints

Achievements in 2021 Q2-Q3

Deliverables & 6-Week Focus

  1. Ecosystem Fund — Optimize the proposal workstreams and improve Funding FAQ; work with Incubator DAO to work with hackathon winners and grantees
  2. Wallets — Coordinate development of a secure frictionless 1Wallet experience, integrating with Wallet Connect and FIDO-enabled security; coordinate Ledger Nano X support
  3. Decentralized Infra — Partner with Pocket and Covalent Networks to migrate 50% RPC and indexing traffic; continue to optimize cloud footprint tracking 90% of all infrastructure costs
  4. Events & Meetups — Event Ops support in SF, Stanford and Miami; "bridge" in speakers across chains: ChainLink, Polygon & Cosmos; continue follow ups from MainNet contacts

10/29/21 (In Progress)

  1. Ecosystem — Abhi now does announcements. Gabriel to start taking follow-ups. LoginID discussions continue. Chat with Polygon ecosystem investment lead (their deal flow). Grantees start to cross-pollinate.
  2. Decentralized RPC — service degraded 10/24, multiple solutions in-progress (RPC service and cloud architecture). Pocket: worked, issues root caused and solved. Covalent: slow to respond. Chainstacks: an unlikely match.
  3. Decentralized Ops — posting on job sites, retained an APAC region recruiter, interview in to complete by mid-next week for AMER region
  4. Events — Reddit AMA and Twitterspaces AMA


  1. Ecosystem Proposals — quality proposals for gaming and institutional-grade custody, NFT marketplace and DeFi Lending
  2. Decentralized RPC — Pocket Network POC completed up to 25% traffic from bridge + developer RPC routed over
  3. Decentralized Ops — outreach to AMER and APAC candidates, job req written
  4. Events — NFT Metaverse meetup at Palo Alto on 10/22, call with Stanford Blockchain Club scheduling DAO talk in 4-6 weeks


  1. Ecosystem Proposals — averaging 3-5 new inbounds per day, Incubator DAO intro
  2. Decentralized RPC — Started POC with SSL cert additions for DNS routing to Pocket Networks
  3. Hackathon — completed and follow ups


  1. Ecosystem Proposals — approved 8 more proposals this week (Week 4), total now at 27 proposals approved, tallying close to $8.5M today. Majority funds Aave & Curve totalling $6M
  2. Workstream — established a Funding FAQ; discussed with a TradFi treasury partner, will not proceed; held initial Compliance framework discussions, awaiting their proposal, target barebones compliance framework be available by month end
  3. Events & Meetups — kickoff discussions with Miami's conference organizer for DCentralCon (11/30-12/1), reserving 20'x20' space, inviting grantees to participate; outreach to Stanford Blockchain Club; ordered Tappy card and 10K Harmony logo stickers
  4. Hackathon — reviewed all submissions


W: Ecosystem Proposals — reviewing all submissions, getting back to 48-hour first response

M: Compliance framework for proposals, cost cutting efforts on our Infrastructure by $100K/yr

Q: Decentralize RPC — to outsource our RPC network to 2 partners, targeting 50% traffic out of Harmony's infrastructure