Dan Boyden

🐺 Dan Boyden, better known as Crypto’s Wolf Of All Streets by the community, is our Community Manager. The community relies on him to support their needs daily.

He previously worked on testing the Harmony blockchain for the last two years as a member of the external Pangaea Ops (P-Ops) team and mentored numerous participants in our Pangaea Test Phases. Prior to Harmony he worked in the community for Intigriti, an ethical hacking platform.

🤔Upcoming Plans

🚀 Monthly Deliverables: 2021 Oct

🚀Start planning EOY Party for the community (24hr event)

🚀Continue planning Large Ecosystem giveaway with C-OPS - this incorporates over 20 projects and each will be offering a prize and NFT / merchandise - these will all be rounded up into ONE event with >20 prizes

🚀Continue running Community X Ecosystem AMA sessions (totalling more than 20 at time of writing) incorporating giveaways for the community - this enables us to “cross-chain” their communities into ours equalling growth

🚀Continue to work towards achieving funding for the C-OPS Team

🎯Quarterly Milestones: 2021 Q4

🎯Host EOY party event (24hr event)

🎯Host Ecosystem Give-away event incorporating all who have been hosted for AMA previously

🎯Continue to offer unparalleled levels of support within the community 24/7

🎯Continue to introduce new ecosystem projects to the community

📆Yearly Planning: 2022 Q1 - Q3

📆Aim to bring harmony.community website to life as a customer support help desk and knowledge base index and move support away from the telegram channel to a dedicated support area built by the C-OPS Team

📆Aim to achieve funding for the C-OPS Team

📆Aim to continue strong bonds and relations with new projects launching on Harmony as it has a great benefit to all parties.

Achievements in 2021 Q2-Q3

🏆 Successfully achieved full verification of the telegram channel including verified badge and blue tick status.

🏆 Successfully grew the channel from 22k to 30K (8,000 legitimate member increase vetted by captcha)

🏆 Successfully hosted 22 Community X Ecosystem AMA’s introducing new projects to the community and kick starting their research into the new projects. This has had a great effect on the community and continues to grow our community at an impressive rate.

🏆 Successfully hit the ONE million message marker in the telegram channel.


Wolf Achievements 6 months (May - October)

  • Grown the Telegram channel by 14,202 members almost doubling its size to 32,020
  • Hosted 22 Ecosystem AMAs with new project launches
  • Solely responsible for and successful in verification of telegram channel including blue tick status
  • Offer 24/7 support to our end users via the C-Ops team (which is me and Dragon)
  • Hosted and planned the 24 hour non stop 2 year Mainnet Anniversary party in June comprising all ecosystem dapps at that time 24 hours were filled and each project was hosted for an hour for a total of 24 hours
  • Successfully Built and deployed the channels Robot < WolfBot V1.0 > for fast user assistance - he is in daily use alongside Rose and both require constant upkeep and maintenance.