Rosa J Cano

Rosa Jiménez Cano is a seasoned bi-lingual journalist and content producer with over 12 years of experience at the #1 Spanish-language newspaper in the world, EL PAÍS. She was the first Spanish speaking Silicon Valley correspondent. During the past three years, she has gained experience in the VC investment landscape.

Rosa is a unique expert in all things startup, having covered top tech trends in the US, EU, and Latin America for 10 years and interviewing top founders and executives, including names like Sundar Pichai, Steve Wozniak, Kaz Hirai, Hiroshi Mikitani, Peter Thiel, John Collision, Luis Von Ahn, Phil Schiller...

Over the past 2.5 years, Rosa has led Ecosystem Relations at TheVenture City, a VC fund and accelerator dedicated to diverse founders and emerging tech hubs.

Thanks to her outstanding performance she has been granted the EB-1A VISA, reserved for ‘individuals with an extraordinary ability.’

6-Week Focus and Deliverables

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2021 10 06:

  1. Launching the Miami Telegram group
  2. Presenting two content creators/contributors for Spanish Harmony