da Vinci & Timeless on Harmony

da Vinci & Timeless on Harmony

Four full-day events (Oct 31-4, 2021) near Manhattan Midtown. Some ideas and proposals (unconfirmed): a 50-people conference room (4 days), 2 1000-square-feet gallery rooms (4 days), a 100-people penthouse (1 night), 10 hotel rooms (4 nights), and many break-out areas for collaborations.

  1. daVinci.gallery: art installations with lights & geometry objects; digital displays for 5 top artists
  2. Layer-2 workshops: auction bids on Harmony, mint on Ethereum & Opensea
  3. NFT/DAO hackathons: $50k prize each to launch, technical talks on cross-chain NFT bridges
  4. Timeless.Space: event invitation via social connections, 3D animated models as Proof-of-Attendance, photo booths for curated 1-on-1 moment NFT
  5. After-party: Latin dance class & performance; Rueda (group dance), 5-piece Jazz bands
  6. Showcases: Crypto Royal, NFTsnz, SpaceMisfits, Strudel Finance, Harmonies, Harmony Universe, 1Wallet


  • Yap, Defiant6 Momentum, Boba+OMG, Featured, Quanstamp, Air Supply, Delphi Digital, Messari, Adi's Infinity, LexPunk, Polygon, Axie Infinity, Yield Guild, Story Line, cybermanufacture, Real Item
  • Rosa, Refod, Amy, Joanna, Phu, Jeff Esquire, Sophia Ho.
  • Xia Hong, Gong Li
💎$13M на гранты и баунти программы NFT

Timeless.SPACE – Curator DAO for Moments

Timeless is a curator DAO for moment NFT. True fans, tastemakers and patrons can bond over animated 3D models as mementos of real-life events. Like NBA Top Shot for iconic games, Timeless captures the memories of your life, your clubs or your metaverse as NFT.

Timeless hosts on-chain auctions for event tickets, boosts incentives for engagement in DAO, and monetizes exclusive access or conversations. A time wallet with beautiful calendars and crypto integrations, defining the next million subcultures on blockchain.


Artist Joanie Lemercier & daVinci Marketplace

Lemercier has exhibitions in global festivals and galleries since 2007, focusing on projections, geometry, minimalist forms. Through physics & philosophy of light to manipulate perceived reality. Visit his collection on sales at our daVinci marketplace.